About us

Chiran Corporation began its activity with an incentive to facilitate the cooperation of Iranian craftsmen with AnHui Annada Titanium Industry.

The company’s headquarter is located in China, and it performs the order operation for Annada products.

Chiran Corporation has ensured its continued presence in the service of Annada’s customers with its experienced staff, extensive facilities, up-to-date management and continuous training.

Chiran is a private company that is committed to selling and distributing Annada products as best as possible. Chiran tries to manage its incoming orders with the highest possible quality, and will improve its quality frequently.

Chiran is committed to doing its tasks sincerity and protecting its customers’ economic data.

Our attention to quality development has led to many honors. However, our view of the quality is not limited to attempts to obtain multiple certifications, but the commitment to quality in business and service delivery has made Chiran the world’s high standard company.

Since its inception, Chiran has achieved significant success, indicating that the company is keen to make a difference.



The supply of raw materials advantages

Quality, brand advantage

Advantages of circular economy

Technology, the advantages of scale

Location, traffic advantage

Comprehensive cost advantage

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